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Consultants who combine the rigor of research with the depth of practical experience

Intelligence Reports

Country reports play a vital role in identifying and understanding the current & future markets

Transasia produces reports covering an extensive number of consumer sectors and focusing on different marketing issues for companies worldwide. Our expertise in market intelligence helps the companies to understand where and why their markets are shifting , how to attack these markets ,the consumer segments , buying behavior,competition and the sales channels.
We have an intimate knowledge of the structures ,characteristics , developments and requirements of the market .Thru our knowledge of the markets we are able to provide guidance and market entry services to companies in gaining access and to expand their market shares


Identifying the competition and finding ways to address it

The role competition plays and how companies position themselves relative to competition .Successful companies design and operate systems for gathering continuous intelligence about competitors. We have a variety of tools to keep exporters and business support organizations ahead in the intense competition


Utilizing best practices that will optimize there performance of the products & services

Establishing the base line for product management practices . Positioning and differentiating the product & service with respect to its market segment and the Product life Cycle

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contact : info@transasiaglobal.com

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