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substantial part of the market value comes from intangible and intellectual assets

International Market

We identify and develop potential and the future markets of companies

With an exposure in more then 40 countries worldwide , we act as a retainer consultant and help the companies in Winning markets .Right from carrying out the basic research to identify and acquire the customers in foreign markets we provide our assistance. .


Our Flagship service offers the widest array of services to help marketers

A company can not serve all customers in a broad market.The customers are too numerous or diverse in their buying behavior . We examine levels and segment the markets and advice targeting & positioning strategies for the key segments


Helps improving the Brand Image

Brand building, Creating Brand awareness, Managing Brand Equity and brand Loyalty ,Brand Revitalization, Brand Name , Symbol & Slogan Design

Sales Force &
Channel Management

Help optimizing the sales & Distribution Strategy

Designing the sales organization , Sales Promotion Strategies , Designing the Distribution system and logistics

Advertising ,
Promotion and PR

Help companies evolve and design an integrated marketing plan

Help the companies to develop and design the advertising program ,media planning ,sales promotions ,road shows , campaigning ,internet advertising etc.

e – commerce


We offer the widest array of internet & e – commerce services

Intranet & internet based solutions , offline and online automations ,standard and customized software development , website design ,development and hosting services , establishing B2B ,B2C and C2B domains ,e – commerce suit with payment gateway interface .


Modern marketing calls for addressing what to say , to whom ,when and how often

Help the companies to strategize in advertising , sales promotion , PR , publicity , personal selling , direct & interactive marketing strategy and keeping their communication approach current with time

For Inquiries & Quotation

contact : info@transasiaglobal.com

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